How Do I Find the Best CEO Forum?

How Do I Find the Best CEO Forum?

A CEO forum provides the opportunity for multiple companies' top executives to meet and share their knowledge regarding how to best run a business. There are a number of online CEO forums along with myriad in-person forums, many of which are industry-specific. CEO forums can also be regional or limited to a specific group, such as a university's graduate business school alumni.

Find a Regional CEO Forum:

CEO Forum Most Recent Location
Colorado Women's Chamber of Commerce CEO Forum Denver, Colorado
University of New Hampshire CEO Forum Durham, New Hampshire
Northeast Ohio's Leaders CEO Forum Cleveland, Ohio
Business Development Board of Palm Beach County CEO Forum Boca Raton, Florida
Africa CEO Forum Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire.
Saudi - U.S. CEO Forum New York, New York
SCORE Minneapolis CEO Forum Minneapolis, Minnesota
Colorado CEO Forum Denver, Colorado
Michigan CEO Summit Detroit, Michigan
Forbes Global CEO Conference Bangkok, Thailand
Wall Street Journal CEO Council Conference Washington, D.C.
UCLA Anderson CEO Forum Los Angeles, California
Georgia Center for Nonprofits CEO Forum Atlanta, Georgia
Colorado Hospital Association CEO Forum Vail, Colorado

CEO Forum FAQs:

How do I find the best CEO forum?

Research. Most ongoing CEO forums have dedicated websites - visit them and find out who the keynote speakers have been, which companies were represented, whether the CEO organization hosting the event limits attendance to invitation-only or it's open to anyone willing to pay admission.

Many CEO groups hold get-togethers on a regular basis, so it's a matter of finding the CEO organization that's the best fit for you and attending the meetings that make the most sense.

How do I find an industry-specific CEO organization?

Many industries require specific knowledge, such as healthcare and the regulations regarding privacy and billing, so it only makes sense that the leaders in those industries gather to share knowledge. Here are some of the many industry-specific CEO forums:

Top Industry-Specific CEO Forums:

CEO Forum Industry Most Recent Location
Destinations International 2018 CEO Summit Travel Southhampton, Bermuda
WTIA CEO Forum Tech Seattle, Washington
BIO CEO & Investor Conference Biotech New York, New York
WWD Apparel & Retail CEO Summit Retail New York, New York
Graphic Arts CEO Forum Graphic Arts Chicago, Illinois
UPU CEO Forum Postal Union Istanbul, Turkey
Home Care CEO Forum Health Care Online
Financo CEO Forum Retail & Consumer New York, New York
LSX CEO Summit Biotech London, England
Allegra World Coffee Portal CEO Forum Coffee Los Angeles, California
NY / NJ CEO Biopharmaceutical New York, New York
Bank CEO Forum Financial Little Rock, Arkansas

What is The CEO Forum Group?

The CEO Forum Group creates a great deal of CEO-specific content. They started their first radio show in 2007 and have since blossomed into a popular syndicated program, a magazine, a Forbes column, "The CEO TV Show," a community of more than 10,000 top CEOs, and a service that enables CEOs to meet other high-performing CEOs.

While much of their content is invitation-only, there is still a large amount of information on their website, and it's a great resource for anything CEO-related.

Is a CEO forum a one-time event or an ongoing conversation?

While most CEO forums are once per year events akin to conferences, some are online forums in which one can post and get answers on an ongoing basis. The event-based forums are largely either industry or locality-focused, while the online forums, such as 10X Factory and Vistage, are ongoing mastermind groups for which prospective members apply and are vetted.

Top CEO Forums:

The top CEO forums represent the considerable variety of groups that hold regular events:

What are the benefits of a CEO forum?

Leading a company can be a lonely prospect. Nobody but other leaders can really understand the challenges you face, whether they're day to day issues or more global challenges, such as maintaining your company's vision and mission. CEO forums provide a chance to meet your peers and discuss the issues you face as an executive with other people who know what you're talking about.

CEO forums can also help you build a reliable network of other executives you can reach out to for advice and support. While you've likely built a solid in-house team driving your company, it can be good to get an outside perspective from someone at your level of leadership.

What are some of the topics discussed in a CEO forum?

If the forum is ongoing, via an open communication platform such as Slack, the conversation can be open to anything, from major topics like building a strong team to more immediate concerns like recommendations for business software. Often, conversations will begin in a more general part of the forum then, depending upon engagement, move to a channel or sub-forum concerning that specific topic.

If the CEO forum is an annual meeting, topics can range from the state of the particular industry and challenges facing its members to new developments that can affect doing business. For example, if the forum is for top-level executives from the pharmaceutical industry, it may feature keynotes that discuss new laws that affect testing or recent scientific advances that decrease the drug development process.

Where can I find a women's CEO forum?

Women in business, despite their wealth of skills and abilities, still face workplace challenges not encountered by their male colleagues. Being able to network with other women executives, discuss both everyday and global issues, and build solidarity can be essential to both continuing to excel and being able to subvert the status quo and promote equality in a male-dominated business culture.

There are a number of global, national, and local women's CEO forums; here are just a few: