Cali Pitchel Schmidt & #hacklikealady

Cali Pitchel Schmidt

Cali Pitchel Schmidt is an award-winning copywriter and Creative Director at Belief Agency in Seattle, Washington. She created #hacklikealady to highlight and celebrate women in tech and marketing; the list includes successful growth marketing efforts, articles, and job postings. Cali Pitchel Schmidt is also an accomplished speaker who champions professional copywriting as an essential growth strategy.

Cali Pitchel Schmidt Key Information:


Seattle, Washington

University attended (undergrad)

Messiah College

Degree attained

BA in History

University attended (post-grad)

Penn State University

Degree attained

MA in American Studies

Current role

Creative Director, Belief Agency


Cali Pitchel Schmidt Can Be Found At:

Cali Pitchel Schmidt FAQs:

Why should I follow #hacklikealady on Twitter?

Because if you don't, you're missing out on a lot. #hacklikealady celebrates women in growth marketing and tech, and is a goldmine of articles and next-level thinking about the necessity of creating and maintaining a workplace and an industry that insists that everyone have a voice, that everyone's contributions matter. #hacklikealady gives talented marketers and entrepreneurs an opportunity to join forces and challenge and change institutionalized biases.

Where can I find Cali Pitchel Schmidt's blog posts?

A couple places: she publishes in Medium and also on the Belief Agency blog. Here are a few of her recent posts:

What are Cali Pitchel Schmidt's thoughts on growth hacking?

In short, she thinks the term "growth hacking" potentially minimizes the need to do actual work to grow your business. "Growth hacking" connotes borderline magic: something easy, something free, something that takes little time or effort but yields explosive results; in reality, growth hacking is a tactic that falls under the wider umbrella of growth marketing. So growth hacking is a tool in what should be a large toolbox.

Growth hacking is not a marketing plan; it's a useful component. And by thinking it's a magic bullet you undermine both your overall marketing efforts and trivialize the efforts that go into solid growth hacks. You can read Cali Pitchel Schmidt's thoughts in her blog posts: