Best Business Coaches of 2019

How to Find a Business Coach Near You

A business coach is someone who's gained a level of success and experience in business who then either volunteers or sells their services to counsel, inspire, and educate less experienced businesspeople in how to better work in or run their organizations. The best business coaches find what's best in their clients and teach them to use those qualities to their advantage.

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Find the Best Business Coach Near You!

These are some of the top-rated business coaches throughout the United States:

Business Coach / Organization

City / Area

Phone Number

Denver Business Coach

Denver, Colorado

1 (303) 222-8052

ActionCOACH Business Coaching

San Diego, California

1 (619) 321-9262

RSC Business Group

Los Angeles, California

1 (310) 410-3098

Jump Profit Business Coach

Las Vegas, Nevada

1 (702) 763-1969

Connect the Dots Coaching

New York, New York

1 (917) 549-7047

Miami Executive Coach

Miami, Florida

1 (305) 741-4284

D&B Consulting, Inc.

Atlanta, Georgia

1 (404) 504-7079

Your Next Jump

Washington, DC

1 (628) 333-5867

Creative Vision Coaching

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

1 (215) 893-9484

Leadership Excellence, LTD

Cleveland, Ohio

1 (330) 722- 8764

Negotiation Geek

Chicago, Illinois

1 (212) 280-8808

Matthew Pollard - Rapid Growth Coach

Austin, Texas

1 (512) 993-5033

Legacy Success Consulting

Dallas, Texas

1 (214) 783-9912

Worth the Journey

Seattle, Washington

1 (206) 395-5447

Northwest Coaching Group

Portland, Oregon

1 (971) 770-5123

Run Right Business Coaching

San Francisco, California

1 (415) 214-8856

Coach Erin

Phoenix, Arizona

1 (602) 499-4825

Find a Business Coach in Denver:

Business Coach

Phone Number

Denver Business Coach

1 (720) 487-1097

The Growth Coach Denver Tech

1 (303) 713-8338

VIM Executive Coaching

1 (303) 619-3007

Kim Eickhoff - Certified Business Coach

1 (720) 323-4955

Colorado Business Coach

1 (970) 541-1099

Find a Business Coach in San Diego & Los Angeles:

Business Coach / Location

Phone Number

Karie Kaufmann / San Diego

1 (619) 321-9262

SD Leadership Institute / San Diego

1 (858) 240-5640

Rich Phillips Coaching / San Diego

1 (619) 892-4919

Dave Labowitz / Los Angeles

1 (424) 326-3283

RSC Business Group / Los Angeles

1 (310) 410-3098

Hollywood Coaching / Los Angeles

1 (310) 915-0580

Find a Business Coach in NYC:

Business Coach

Phone Number

Arden Coaching

1 (646) 844-2233

Ann Mehl

1 (917) 355-0956

Alisa Cohn

1 (347) 394-3573

Strong Training & Coaching

1 (212) 647-0750

Empowered Mastery

1 (914) 488-5881


What does a business coach do?

A business coach can help you in a number of ways. Sometimes your business hits a certain level of success, then stalls, and you have trouble thinking of strategies that will take you to the next level. A business coach can provide a fresh outlook and inspire you to propel your company upward.

In addition, a business coach can help with day to day business issues, like how to keep employee morale high, how you might be wasting time on tasks best delegated elsewhere or outsourced, and how to better market your products or services. In short, a good business coach is a sounding board and a means of inspiration who helps you achieve your professional goals.

Find the best business coach near you.

How do I find a business coach near me?

There are myriad ways to find a local business coach. Ratings sites like Yelp! that allow you to search by business type and location can be helpful, or you can just do a general search such as "business coach [your location]". Your city's Chamber of Commerce could be a good source of information as well.

Another great way to find a business coach near you is via word of mouth: attend local business networking events and ask around. You may discover that many of your professional peers have consulted and can recommend a good local coach. When you do contact a business coach, find out if they provide an initial free consultation - it's important to find someone whose advice you'll follow, so establishing a good professional relationship is key.

Find a local business coach.

Should I use a virtual or online business coach?

Sure, but just keep in mind the pros and cons of being coached online. An online business coach could be great if your business is in a rural area with a dearth of coaches, and you can hold sessions via Skype or another service so you'll have face to face interaction.

On the other hand, there are multiple benefits to in-person business coaching. For example, a local business coach can visit your workplace and make suggestions about how to better seat your employees and arrange your office for more effective interaction and peak efficiency. A local business coach could also follow you during your day and provide feedback as to how you could better use your time.

Learn more about finding the best business coach.

How do I find a women's business coach?

While good business coaches should be able to effectively counsel all people, finding someone who fully understands the experience of being a woman in business can result in the best coaching relationship. Simply searching "women's business coach" brings back a number of results.

You might also want to ask other female entrepreneurs you respect if they can recommend a good coach. Attend networking events for women's businesses and ask colleagues if they've consulted a business coach - they may be able to suggest someone who's helped them. Bottom line is that you need a business coach with whom you can establish a solid relationship, and a women's business coach could be exactly what you need to propel your business to greater success.

Find a business coach near you.

How do I find a small business coach?

There is a definite difference between the corporate world and small business ownership. As a small business entrepreneur you juggle many responsibilities - everything from day-to-day operations to accounting - and finding a small business coach who understands your needs can be critical.

Do your research - explore the coach's website to find out what types of coaching they specialize in; often they'll position themselves as a small business coach. Some coaches are flexible enough to effectively coach both corporate executives and small business owners, but you should be able to find a specialized small business coach in your area without much trouble.

Find your business coach.

What should I expect from a business coach?

Your business coach should be able to assess your strengths and weaknesses and help you to capitalize on the former and work to ameliorate the latter. You should expect to develop a respectful, supportive relationship, and feel that someone's in your corner when you face your biggest business challenges. You should not expect your business coach to coddle you or allow you to avoid uncomfortable situations, because that's how you grow.

Your business coach is there to help you identify and use your talents and abilities to grow your career and business. They're not there to help you avoid failure, but work through it and learn from it.

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Do business coaches really work?

Business coaching has a long track record of success, but whether it works for you depends on the coach and on your willingness to be coached. You may have to have trial sessions with a few business coaches in your area to find one you really click with. To get the best results from working with a business coach you should expect to be challenged; coaching works best while helping you through challenging situations, even failure. You coach shouldn't make things easy, but help you successfully work through situations that are difficult.

Business coaches work if they're the right fit, and if you work hard to follow their coaching.

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