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Bot Academy is both a company that builds chatbots for clients and a source for learning how to build chatbots. They offer a 5-week course that teaches students how to build a chatbot and use it to create a successful marketing campaign in Facebook Messenger. Students can then use the knowledge to build chatbots and run campaigns for clients.

Bot Academy Key Information:


Andrew Warner

Year Founded



San Francisco, California


1 (650) 450-4098


c/o Mixergy, 201 Mission Street, 12th Floor, San Francisco, California 94105


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Bot Academy FAQs:

How was Bot Academy created?

Founder Andrew Warner (who also founded Mixergy) was working on email campaigns when he realized that neither he nor the people he was close to used email. They were all using messaging services to communicate. So he tested using messaging instead of email and was shocked by how much higher his open and click rates were as compared to email.

He developed Bot Academy to take advantage of this new marketing tool, to create chatbots and bot campaigns for clients and to teach people how to create bots and run campaigns.

What is the price for Bot Academy?

The 5-week Bot Academy course costs $2,000.00. According to Bot Academy, most students pay for the entire course from their first chatbot client.

What is included in the Bot Academy course?

Bot Academy, in five weeks, teaches you how to build a Facebook Messenger chatbot and how to run a chatbot campaign. Here's the breakdown of each of the 5 weeks:

  • Week 1 - How to build your bot: you learn how to build your chatbot and set up your first campaign.
  • Week 2 - How to write your chatbot script: you learn how to write engaging and persuasive short-form sales copy.
  • Week 3 - How to get people to opt in: you learn how to promote interaction with your chatbot.
  • Week 4 - How to get clients: you learn how to help clients understand how chatbots can help them without overloading them with jargon.
  • Week 5 - Advanced optimization: you take a deep dive into bots and learn how to add intelligence, how to collect payment, and more.

Bot Academy also currently offers a generous bonus package:

  • One free year of ManyChat marketing software (a $1,740.00 value).
  • Six free months of Botmock (a $270.00 value).
  • Six free months of ShopMessage plus a training module (a $197.00 value).
  • Andrew Warner's bot campaign template (a $1,000.00 value).
  • Five group coaching call sessions during the Bot Academy training.
  • Insider strategies from the world's top entrepreneurs.
  • A listing as one of Bot Academy's certified bot consultants.

What advantages do chatbots have over email campaigns?

According to Bot Academy, many. People get too many emails to sort through to find yours; people enjoy using messaging apps more than email; and the average click-through rate of chatbots is generally over 50% (email click-through rates average between 2% and 5%).