BoomStartup Accelerator - Key Information & Overview


BoomStartup is a Salt Lake City, Utah-based seed accelerator that works virtually with startups from across the globe. They have a 5-level program that can last for up to 52 weeks and results in the creation of an investor and consumer-ready minimum viable product. BoomStartup's customized accelerator program is designed to help startups grow and connect with the right mentors and potential investors.

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BoomStartup Key Information:

Year founded


Founded by

John Richards, Jon Bradshaw, and Robb Kunz


Salt Lake City, Utah


1 (801) 633-2004


Impact Hub Salt Lake, 150 State Street #1, Salt Lake City, Utah 84111 US

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How does the BoomStartup accelerator program work?

BoomStartup accelerator plans are customized to suit the startup, and as such will focus on what the startup needs most to grow. Accelerator programs can last up to 52 weeks and can be conducted almost completely virtually. BoomStartup provides $20 thousand in early seed funding for 6% equity in the business.

The program's 52 weeks consist of a 6 month core curriculum and a following 6 months of mentorship. While the program is virtual, most companies travel to the Salt Lake City headquarters at least a couple times during the year. Also, startups are expected to work full-time on their businesses during the accelerator period.

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What is BoomStartup's demo day like?

BoomStartup conducts demo day in a much different way than most accelerators do. They schedule monthly virtual demo days for each startup during the accelerator program. Startups and investors are matched based on the potential for working together well. During the virtual meeting, they get to spend more time getting to know each other and there's no competition for time.

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What else do companies get for signing with BoomStartup?

Startups who sign with BoomStartup get more than $500 thousand of services, including $100 thousand in Amazon Web Services credits, Microsoft Azure Cloud or IBM hosting credits, 5 hours of legal services, financial services, and discounts on software and other tools.

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Does BoomStartup have programs for earlier-stage startups?

BoomStartup does offer a pre-accelerator program in which a startup can pay for some of the the core curriculum accelerator courses. This enables companies not accepted into accelerators to grow to the accelerator stage in a pay-as-you-go model.

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