Black Women's Network - Empowering Professional Women

Black Women's Network

The Black Women's Network was formed in 1979 Los Angeles by a group of African American women attending a career conference. They realized the potential they had to work together to support and motivate other businesswomen and their enterprises, so they organized the BWN and have been a strong force for black women entrepreneurs for 40 years.

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Black Women's Network Key Information:

Year Founded



Los Angeles, California


1 (323) 964-4003


P.O. Box 56106, Los Angeles, CA 90056 US


Black Women's Network Can Be Found At:

Black Women's Network FAQs:

Does the Black Women's Network only serve the Los Angeles area?

No - the Black Women's Network has members across the United States and internationally. Their business networking services and support can be of great help to any black woman professional regardless of location.

How do I join the Black Women's Network?

Simply visit the Black Women's Network website's Join page, read about the benefits and download the application and membership brochure, and join. Annual membership costs $67.25.

What are the benefits of Black Women's Network membership?

There are many, the most important being connected with and supported by a large network of black women entrepreneurs and professionals. BWN members are encouraged to reach out and make connections, and your business will be promoted throughout the network for other Black Women's Network to patronize and publicize.

There are also a number of Black Women's Network events including monthly forums and annual conferences that allow you to meet other BWN members face to face and further increase your network.

When is the next Black Women's Network annual event?

The Black Women's Network's Signature Annual Business/Career and Networking Breakfast Forum will be held on October 26, 2019 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The event offers the opportunity to hear from high-profile businesswomen and entertainers and meet other Network members in person. Visit the Black Women's Network website's Annual Convention page for details and updates.