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Black Career Women's Network

Created and founded by Sherry Sims, a successful corporate HR recruiter, the Black Women's Career Network (BWCN) provides tools, support, and business networking to African American women professionals to help them succeed and thrive in their careers and lives. Offering mentorship, professional education, and access to a strong network of like-minded businesspeople, BWCN is an essential resource for career and business growth.

Black Career Women's Network Key Information:

Year Founded



Sherry Sims


Cincinnati, Ohio


1 (513) 729-9724


114 Pike Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 US


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Black Career Women's Network FAQs:

How do I become a Black Career Women's Network member?

There are three subscription options for the Black Career Women's Network:

  • The free membership option provides access to their Professional/Career Development Tool and their large network of professionals, and allows you to search for available jobs and upload your resume.
  • The Launch subscription, their most popular option, adds a 30-minute Power Coaching Session, access to 100 mentors, peer matching, a monthly live call, and more. The cost for the Launch subscription is $10.00 per month or $100.00 per year.
  • The Black Career Women's Network's premier subscription, Emerge, adds all-inclusive career coaching, a Jump Start Discovery Session, employer recruitment support, monthly live webinars, and much more. The Emerge subscription costs $36.00 per month.

For a complete lists of the benefits of each subscription option visit the BCWN website's Get Started page.

How do I find a business mentor through the Black Career Women's Network?

If you're a member of BCWN's "Emerge" subscription, you can easily ask a business mentor a question via the Black Career Women's Network website's Ask a Mentor page. You browse through the list of qualified mentors to find the one best suited to answer your question, then reach out. The Black Career Women's Network advises that you word your question carefully, ask two mentors maximum, and allow time for your mentor (who is likely busy with their own business or career) to respond.

This person won't necessarily become your long-term business mentor, but if you build a good rapport and they're amenable to it, you may begin a relationship that lasts throughout your career.

Can I get a Black Career Women's Network coaching session as a non-member?

You certainly have that option. Business coaching sessions for non-members cost $150.00 per hour. You can book your session at the Bookings page.

How do employers work with the Black Career Women's Network?

Some of the United States' largest and most well-known companies recruit through the BCWN, including (among many others) the YWCA, Hasbro, the ACLU, Harvard, 5/3 Bank, and IKEA. If you're interested in posting a job that will be seen by a large network of highly qualified and motivated professionals, create an account and list the details on the Post a Job page.

You can also partner with the Black Career Women's Network as a business coach and/or advertise on the site; visit the Employers FAQs page for contact information.

What are some of the Black Career Women's Network's upcoming events?

On the third Friday of the month the BCWN holds a live "Lunch and Learn" call during which you can ask career questions and interact with other members of the Black Career Women's Network. And on November 10, 2019 there will be a live webinar covering "Getting Clear on Your Career Goals for 2020."

To stay up to date with all the Black Career Women's Network events, bookmark their Events page.