Baby Bathwater Island 2019 - Cost & Key Information

Baby Bathwater Island 2019

Baby Bathwater Island is an invitation-only all-inclusive entrepreneur conference featuring experts in a number of fields and disciplines. The conference is held on a private island in Croatia, and combines high-level business content with relaxed networking and recreation. Baby Bathwater Island attendees are screened via interview to ensure a positive environment and fruitful interaction.

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Baby Bathwater Island 2019 Cost:

Baby Bathwater Island is an all-inclusive 5-day retreat. The cost for a single attendee is $10,000.00, or $18,000.00 if you'd like to bring your partner. Transportation to the island from Split International Airport is included, but attendees are responsible for air travel to Split, Croatia.

Baby Bathwater Island Key Information:


June 26 - 30, 2019





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Why is Baby Bathwater Island so exclusive?

$10,000.00 is not a small amount of money to pay for a business conference (even if it is all-inclusive), so the Baby Bathwater Institute carefully vets attendees to ensure that they've not only got plenty to contribute, but that their personality suits the group as a whole. There will be no hard-sellers or recruiters, just interesting, thoughtful, successful people ready to share.

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What is the agenda for Baby Bathwater Island 2019?

There is currently no published agenda. There are no organized keynotes or speaker sessions, as Baby Bathwater Island is more of an informal gathering during which business topics are discussed.

There will, however, be an app available to those invited that will provide a schedule of workshops and other planned events. A loose list of potential topics includes "how to mine customer insight for higher-converting copywriting, "what firms NOT to hire and why," "how to finance your next expansion," and "the exact tactics 8- or 9-figure store owners are using to grow their customer base."

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How do I know if I'm Baby Bathwater Island material?

The Baby Bathwater Island site shares some commonalities among invited guests: 65% are owners of 7- to 9-figure B2C businesses; 25% are studio owners and freelance digital marketers, copywriters, brand experts, and the like; 5% are "influencers and up-and-comers" in the entrepreneurial world; and 5% are investors and mentors.

Baby Bathwater emphasizes, though, that in addition to fitting one of those categories potential attendees must be "smart, kind, humble, ambitious, and open to learning and trying new things."

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Is Baby Bathwater Island worth it?

It seems to be. Attendees claim to have earned many times the $10,000.00 cost in ROI directly related to what they learned on Baby Bathwater Island. Hosting a curated group of successful and creative entrepreneurs in a relaxed setting seems to allow ideas to flourish and be fully hashed out, whether they're at first blush realistic or not.

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