APEC CEO Summit 2019 Chile - Overview

APEC CEO Summit 2019

The APEC CEO Summit is an invitation-only annual meeting of the Asia-Pacific region's top executives and political leaders. The Summit brings together the region's top minds and influencers to discuss its current economic and political state and its growth moving forward. Invited delegates focus on issues such as advances in tech and how to use them to create sustainable economies and communities in the Asia-Pacific region.

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APEC CEO Summit Key Information:


November 14 - 16, 2019


Vitacura Santiago, Chile


Invitation only

APEC CEO Summit Can Be Found At:


What are some of the topics discussed during the APEC CEO Summit?

Like the list of attendees, topics covered are carefully curated to allow delegates to fully discuss the issues while making the most of their time. Planned discussions and forums include the following:

  • "Chile: Dynamic Gateway to South America."
  • "Stability and Change in a World of Disruption."
  • “How Trust is Gained and Lost: Implications for Government and Business."
  • “Reimagining Healthcare: More Digital, Preventive and Accessible."
  • “Securing Talent for the Future: Skills, Women, Diversity."

There are also general Summit Conversations with the Presidents of Russia, Japan, China, and the U.S.

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What happens during the APEC CEO Summit?

The top minds and leaders from Asia-Pacific countries and around the world meet and discuss the current political and economic state of the region and how to improve it technologically and economically. They have in-depth conversations about challenges facing the Asia-Pacific region and how they can be addressed while further developing and enriching the area's countries.

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How do I get invited to the APEC CEO Summit?

The APEC CEO Summit is attended by top CEOs and political leaders from the region and around the world. If you fit that description. you can request an invitation on the site.

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