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Andrew Chen

Andrew Chen earned his B.S. in Applied Mathematics from the University of Washington at age 19. Since then, among many other roles he spent five years leading Rider Growth at Uber, where he focused on critical elements of growth including new user experience and churn. Andrew Chen is currently a partner at Andreessen Horowitz (or a16z), investing in SaaS startups.

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Andrew Chen Key Information:

Birth city

Seattle, Washington



University attended

University of Washington

Degree attained

B.S. in Applied Mathematics

Current position

General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz (a16z)

Number of current board & advisor roles


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How do I get a list of Andrew Chen's best essays?

You can go to his blog and click on the "Featured" link in the menu. You can also supply your email address and download a PDF of 2018's essays.

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Is Andrew Chen's blog about growth hacking?

Andrew Chen's career has focused on growth. His blog contains many long-form essays about growth, so there's a lot of useful information for growth hackers there. Andrew Chen's blog also features podcasts, slide decks, and a forum called "The Backstory."

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What startups does Andrew Chen invest in or advise?

Andrew Chen is an investor and/or advisor at Dropbox, Tinder, Front, AngelList, Barkbox, Gusto, Leanplum, Product Hunt, Gametime, Splitwise, Boba Guys, Marco Polo and many others.

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What did Andrew Chen do at Uber?

Andrew Chen was Head of Rider Growth at Uber. He focused on acquisition, new rider experience, churn, and notifications/email.

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