The Alchemist Accelerator - Overview & Key Information

The Alchemist Accelerator

The Alchemist Accelerator is a San Francisco-based accelerator program that focuses entirely on enterprise startups - startups who get their revenue solely from enterprises, meaning B2B and B2B2C companies. The Alchemist Accelerator looks for strong teams, and especially seeks out companies with strong technical founders.

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The Alchemist Accelerator Key Information:

Year founded


Founded by

Ravi Belani


San Francisco Bay Area, California

The Alchemist Accelerator Can Be Found At:

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How long is the Alchemist Accelerator program?

The accelerator program lasts 6 months, during which the Alchemist Accelerator highly advises you to relocate to the San Francisco Bay Area. If you can't, they'll figure out a way for you to strategically participate - fly in for important meetings, etc. You're invited to work in the Alchemist offices in San Francisco, Palo Alto, and Menlo Park, but that's not a requirement.

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What happens during the Alchemist Accelerator program?

You'll be offered a small investment via a SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity), from which the program fees are deducted. The typical amount is around $36 thousand. The Alchemist Accelerator will share your company snapshot with a trusted group of prospective customers, fundraising coaches, and mentors. You'll meet one on one with those interested in and best suited to your company.

The focus of the accelerator program is your potential enterprise customers and VCs, and you'll meet with both groups as you advance through the accelerator.

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What are the required elements of the Alchemist Accelerator?

Most program offerings (Thursday group check-ins and guest lectures, for example) are optional, but you do need to work diligently on your company, especially product and customer development, and meet with potential enterprise customers and investors. Demo Day is also required, and takes place near the end of the 6 month program.

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Does the Alchemist Accelerator work with solo founders?

In rare cases, yes. They're not shy, though, about stating that they'd rather work with a 2-3 person team in which at least 2 members are tech-focused. If you're a solo founder who wishes to get into the Alchemist Accelerator you'll need to prove that you're able to do all the work of a team without getting overwhelmed.

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Who are some of the companies who've gone through the Alchemist Accelerator?

The Alchemist Accelerator has worked with a wide variety of B2B companies, including the following:

  • Shuttle - the world's first booking platform for commercial space travel.
  • JyMob - HR platform to help companies choose the best employees.
  • Amber Agriculture - wireless grain management platform for farmers.
  • Eloquent Labs - high quality AI customer service agents.
  • Pubinno - smart taps that pour the perfect beer while minimizing waste and automating inventory.

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How well do the Alchemist Accelerator's companies perform after the program?

More than 300 companies have taken part in Demo Day, with $504 million raised in total capital. 23 companies have been acquired by Cisco, GE, Dropbox, and other enterprises.

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