a16z Podcast - Andreessen Horowitz's Podcast Overview

a16z Podcast by Andreessen Horowitz

The a16z podcast, produced and hosted by investment firm Andreessen Horowitz, covers tech, news, and culture trends. a16z also features discussions about the future as "software eats the world," in which industry experts and thought leaders from across the globe talk about where we've been, where we are now, and where we're headed as a global community.

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a16z Podcast Top Ten Episodes:




16 Minutes on the News: The Opioid Crisis

Host Sonal Chokshi and a16z Bio general partners Jorge Conde and Vijay Ponde discuss the rise in opioid abuse and how tech could play a role in its reduction.

19 minutes

16 Minutes on the News: Fortnite, Esports, Gaming, and Entertainment

a16z experts Andrew Chen and D'arcy Coolican conduct a short but deep dive into the gaming world and the future of entertainment.

19 minutes

16 Minutes on the News: Mobile Malware, Drug Pricing

a16z Bio general partner Jorge Conde and Market Dev partner Jay Rughani share their insight into recent mobile malware and security and why drug pricing is difficult, and how emerging tech can help with both.

20 minutes

Principles and Algorithms for Work and Life

Ray Dalio and Alex Rampell discuss how deeply understanding cause and effect relationships can help you deal with the realities of your life.

50 minutes

The Search for the Secret Metal that Powers All Our Devices

Experts Kurt House, John Thompson, Connie Chan, and Hanne Tidnam explain why cobalt has become one of the planet's most important minerals.

33 minutes

16 Minutes on the News: Neuralink & Brain Interfaces, TikTok, FaceApp, and iHeartRadio

a16z thought leaders discuss brain-computer interfaces, TikTok influencers, privacy beyond national security, and more.

21 minutes

Beyond Zero Sum, Again

On the firm's 10th anniversary Andreessen Horowitz co-founders Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz revisit episodes with tech writer Steven Johnson.

42 minutes

Getting Network Effects

a16z partners Anu Hariharan and Jeff Jordan discuss the common misconception of network effects: confusing growth with engagement.

49 minutes

Why Crypto Tokens Matter

Chris Dixon and Fred Ehrsam break down the hype surrounding crypto tokens, their governance, developer communities, and how to tell what's promising from what's a red flag.

35 minutes

How to Get the Most from Your Board

In the final episode of a 3-part series Andreessen Horowitz managing partner Scott Kupor explains how to best work with your board to sustain growth.

22 minutes

Key Information About the a16z Podcast:

Premiere Date

July 14, 2016


Sonal Chokshi

New Episode Release

Several per week

The a16z Podcast Can Be Found At:

a16z Podcast FAQs:

Why should I listen to the a16z podcast?

Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) are a renowned venture capital firm in Silicon Valley, investing millions in tech companies at all stages. This puts them on the bleeding edge of technology and software development, and provides access to not only what excites them about current and future tech but also the people who are finding extraordinary new ways to solve problems.

The a16z motto, "Software Is Eating the World," says it all. They're watching software eat the world, and their podcast allows them to share what they're seeing. Their podcast is consistently rated as one of the top podcasts in tech and is included in many "best-of" lists (including ours).

How many episodes of the a16z podcast are there?

250, right now. That number will likely grow considerably, however, as Andreessen Horowitz releases at least two podcasts per week, and sometimes two per day. The a16z podcast is certainly one of the most timely podcasts there is, which is critical in properly covering tech, in which revolutions can happen overnight.

Who is Sonal Chokshi?

Sonal Chokshi is Andreessen Horowitz's Editor in Chief and is the driving force behind the a16z podcast, which she produces and hosts. The podcast's number of listeners has grown more than 100 times since Sonal took the helm. She's also assigned and edited award-winning longform pieces and launched the a16z newsletter, among many other accomplishments.

She was previously Senior Editor at WIRED, where she turned around the failing Opinions/Ideas section, making it one of the magazine and site's most popular. She has deep experience in tech and creating tech content which shows in her informed and engaging hosting.