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10X Factory

10X Factory is a private Slack community for high-performing entrepreneurs to collaborate and help each other grow their businesses. The 10X Factory mastermind group enables businesspeople who have built 6-figure businesses to work with and learn from other established leaders, and provides a receptive think tank that allows CEOs and founders to get solid feedback on ideas that fuel growth.

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10X Factory Key Information:


Eric Carlson & Eddie Machaalani

Year founded




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10X Factory Reviews:

Overall ranking on Trustpilot - 98% Excellent (5 out of 5 stars).

  • Ed Challinor, First Officer, Smileworks - "The best use of your budget - by miles. Far and away the best group i've been part of (and I've done the rounds in many masterminds and growth hacking forums). This is the best value, most useful and generally real-deal mastermind I've ever been part of."
  • Carrie Hudson-Strimel, President, Global Asset, LLC - "From the moment I arrived in the 10xfactory community I was blown away. The connections made are invaluable. If you are on the fence of joining, jump off the fence and join!!"
  • Doug Holt, Mentor, Coach, and Founder, Doug Holt Online - "I've been in many mastermind type groups in the past. The difference with the 10x Factory is that you get a wide range of experiences and industries. Responses happen quickly and are filled with valuable information."


How do I become a member of 10X Factory?

10X Factory membership is selective. Potential members are carefully vetted to maintain the integrity of the community, but the basic requirements are that you are a founder, CEO, or entrepreneur whose company is making 6 figures per year. You also have to be committed to growth and being an active part of 10X Factory.

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Why is 10X Factory on Slack?

Slack is a proven collaboration platform that allows for easy communication and rapid feedback. It's also geographically agnostic, which removes one of the serious limitations of an in-person group. 10X Factory on Slack allows you to brainstorm and work out ideas with other successful CEOs worldwide. It's a dynamic community that is designed to help entrepreneurs meet and work with other entrepreneurs, regardless of time zone or locality.

Another key benefit of Slack is the ability to create channels, so a sub-community of entrepreneurs who want to focus on a specific topic can collaborate in that channel. All the ideas and communication stays in one easily-accessible area.

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Why should I join 10X Factory?

Simply put, you should consider a 10X Factory membership if you want to work with other CEOs and founders to substantially grow your business. You'll be part of a community of more than 1,000 entrepreneurs all dedicated to growth, and you'll find and develop actionable ideas you can't find anywhere else.

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